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IP Portfolio

Intellectual Property Andraka Consulting has developed an impressive collection of intellectual property for DSP applications, which although are not productized for stand-alone sale, can be drawn upon for a custom design. The following is a partial list of IP developed by Andraka Consulting

Communications IP
  1. Complex digital down-converters
  2. Various demodulators
  3. Polyphase channelizing filter banks
  4. Large FFTs
  5. Quadrature NCO’s and mixers
  6. CORDIC magnitude and phase conversions
  7. CORDIC vector rotators
  8. Polyphase resampling (fractional rate change) filters.
  9. CIC filters, parameterized for M, N, R
  10. Logarithms in arbitrary bases to ½ dB
  11. Sorting and search engines
  12. Matched filters
  13. Fast convolution
Video & Imaging IP
  1. SMPTE-292 HDTV scrambler/descrambler core set
  2. Histograms
  3. Edge (Sobel) operators
  4. Dilate/Erode
  5. 2D filters
  6. Absolute differencing, thresholding
  7. Motion detection
  8. Scan conversion (polar to raster)
  9. Color space conversion

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