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Andraka Consulting Group, Inc.  "the high performance FPGA design specialist"  

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Andraka Consulting Group, Inc. is a digital hardware design firm specializing in high performance FPGA designs for digital signal processing applications.

    Design applications include:


Digital Communications


Signals Intelligence gathering (SIGINT)


Radar and Sonar signal processors


Physical systems models


HDTV, Video and audio processors


Imaging systems


Andraka Consulting is a Xilinx Alliance Partner

  Andraka Consulting Group has been selected as an expert consulting firm for the Xilinx third party consultant program.


new.gif (357 bytes) See Andraka Consulting at the upcoming Military and Aerospace Programmable Logic Devices (MAPLD) conference, Annapolis MD, Sept 15-18 2008.

Ray Andraka will be presenting during the  "Accelerating FPGA Designs and Design Work: Implementing Faster Designs Faster" seminar on Monday afternoon, Sept 15.

Recent work includes:

bullet1.2 Gigasample/ sec Floating point FFT engine (Virtex 4SX)   see:

           Supercharge Your DSP with Ultra-Fast Floating-Point FFTs (254K) Ray Andraka, Xilinx DSP Magazine, Issue 3, April 2007, pp42-44.
Hybrid Floating Point Technique Yields 1.2 Gigasample Per Second 32 to 2048 point Floating Point FFT in a single FPGA (37K) Ray Andraka                 HPEC 2006, Proceedings of the Tenth Annual High Performance Embedded Computing Workshop, Poster Session B.4. Sept 19-21, 2006, Lincoln, MA   
1.2GS/sec Floating point FFT in the floorplan gallery

          Also written up in CMP Media's DSP design Line online newsletter as the "Featured How-to" article in the April 30, 2007 issue


bulletBeamforming telemetry receiver system
10 channel receiver for each of 240 antenna elements, sampling at 500 MHz (virtex4 SX, and VIrtex2P)
bulletSonar Array processor for non-linear arrays
bullet32 channel VHF receiver (virtex4 SX
bullet4 channel radar digital receiver and signal processor (virtex5 SXT)



 8 and 16 point  FFT Cores now available for Virtex4 and virtex 2Pro
up to 400 MS/Sec operation in Virtex4 -10 speed grade !


  check out the gallery
  We've added some of our floorplan 'artwork' for your viewing pleasure




DSP with FPGAs seminar

Now offering a two day on-site seminar on using FPGAs for DSP applications.  The course emphasis is on high data rate DSP applications such as communications and radar.   Course topics include:

FPGA Architectural Overview & comparisons
Digital Arithmetic Review
DSP circuit implementations
Design for Performance
High performance with VHDL
Design Examples
Algorithm development considerations

Call today for details

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